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Air Control System, the on-line analyzer, which alerts the operator when excessive amounts of CO, CO2, and OXYGEN and HUMIDITY '.

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Air Control System, the on-line analyzer, which alerts the operator when excessive amounts of CO, CO2, and OXYGEN and HUMIDITY '.

The analyzer is designed to be installed in the line of breathable air, before the air enters the cylinder and is breathed. And 'it interfaced directly with the electric compressor, which immediately stops the use, describing the error in course. This system ensures both the operator and the user of the cylinder of the quality air. Also alerts the operator, when the cartridge is saturated and is therefore to be replaced. Safety, first of all!

The pure air has never been easier !!

Technical specifications:

Electronic analyzer for breathable air to flow continuously. The analyzer called NACS - Nardi Air Control System, is powered directly from the electronic compressor control, and communicate data in real time with the latter. The analyzer is provided with electronic sensors and electrochemical, capable of analyzing the air and the presence of any gas. Specifically controls: Air humidity in ppm - parts per million; Air temperature (to have a precise figure on the moisture present); Oxygen in% - to check the possible presence of oxygen or any oxygen deficiency; In ppm carbon dioxide - carbon dioxide monitors and reports the presence above the maximum level allowed by law; Carbon monoxide in ppm - monitors the carbon monoxide and indicates the possible presence above the maximum level allowed by law. All sensors have a life span of about two years from the time of installation. And mandatory annual inspection of the equipment, done by a specialist who evaluates the state and the replacement of the sensor. The air that is parsed by the NACS, is then freed in the environment, it is therefore not recovered or mass in the cylinder. The analysis is evaluated in continuous flow for the duration of charging. The analysis is performed on a total value of 2% of the total recharge in place.


Security and accuracy. Air Control System, the new system of analysis by Nardi air compressors. Constant monitoring of the air, between compressor and tank. This system is directly installed in the compressor, which analyzes the air quality and the possible presence of harmful gases for the Protection of the end user, which will breathe the compressed air produced by the compressor. The filtering system installed on the compressor has the task of retaining moisture, any traces of dirt present in the air and any traces of oil from the compressor. The filter cartridge must be replaced periodically, but not always so. The Air Control System alerts the operator when the cartridge is saturated with moisture and exceeds the values permitted by law, by securing bottle refill and guaranteeing 100% clean air always so devoid of moisture. In the event that it creates an environment with values of O2, CO and CO2 above the legal limit, the Air Control System detects in real time the presence of gas do not conform to the breathable air, and promptly notifies the operator, stopping the charging, and then the contamination of the cylinder of these harmful gases, protecting the life of the end user. This system is highly recommended for charging in environments of uncertain purity of air (eg. Close to roads, parking lots, boats, ports and indoors).

Interface system compressor:

The analyzer Air Control System is directly interfaced with the control panel of the compressor Nardi, in which are displayed in real time the values of the air that is passing for charging the cylinders. The operator is not obliged to constantly observe the values during charging, since the control panel, promptly stops the compressor in case of anomalies, advising and showing on the display and an audible alarm in progress. Is can then notice the anomaly before it's too late. In the event that the filter cartridge is saturated when charging, the display shows the message "SATURATED CARTRIDGE", but did not stop the compressor, so the operator can replace the cartridge before refilling. In the case of harmful gases, the compressor stops, and the operator must empty and completely clean the compressor, and start charging with clean air. Up to that air will not be completely free of harmful gases, the compressor will not continue charging and will always give the alarm. Is possible to enable or disable the system NACS full or one or more sensors at any time.


Nardi Compressors accepts no responsibility for incorrect or improper analyzer, as no responsibility, tampering or issue of invalid certificates. The NACS has the sole purpose of checking, and then analyze the air in order to safeguard the health of the end user. The product is calibrated by Nardi Compressori and does not replace an analysis certified by an entity specialized and certified.