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  • £ 1,000.00

    Air Control System, the on-line analyzer, which alerts the operator when excessive amounts of CO, CO2, and OXYGEN and HUMIDITY '.

    £ 1,000.00
  • £ 1,041.67

    Small, compact, powerful and reliable, ready to use at any time and quick to prepare. The models Hookah Nardi compressors produce compressed air up to 8 bar, which is reduced to the desired pressure to then be filtered through filter sieve and activated carbon and finally ready to be breathed through the dispenser supplied and the connection pipe between...

    £ 1,041.67
  • £ 2,329.17

    -Small Size and big performance: It 's the most compact of the line Breathing Air, easy to transport to its low weight, allows refill even in hard to reach places, both the model Atlantic P Electric is the model with AtlanticG gasoline engine.

    £ 2,329.17
  • £ 6,745.83

    Equipped with a combustion engine, gasoline or diesel, portable, reliable and with a great character. Making charging with a compressor Nardi also where electricity is not available and the conditions are harsh. The line of the Pacific Nardi Compressors, was designed with its most demanding customers and do not want compromise.

    £ 6,745.83
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items