Dave Gration has been diving since the age of 15, now some 30+ years later he has been to some of the most amazing diving locations in the world. He first started diving in the U.K and has taught for some of the largest dive centres in the U.K including running the training side of their business.

After teaching in the U.K for a number of years he then stated to travel and used his instructor qualifications to make this possible. In later years he settled down in The Canary Islands, where he owed his own dive centre for 10 years. This gave him the opportunity to further his own diving and look into new and more demanding types of diving, including the use of technical diving equipment and Rebreathers, allowing him to make more advanced wreck and cave dives, to great depths.

Now after selling his dive centre and moving back to England, he has been working as a freelance diving instructor trainer who is able to offer all types of technical diving education up to full trimix levels on both Open Circuit and Rebreathers, including CCR cave.

He is able to teach on the following rebreathers XCCR, JJ-CCR, SF2-ECCR, CCR LIBERTY, AP Inspiration, Triton, Hollis Prism2 and Poseidon. Dave uses and recommends xDeep backmount and sidemount systems as well as various other products from across our range including Ammonite primary lights and heated packs and backup lights

matt partridge


Matt has been involved in diving since 1991. He has been a full time dive professional since the late 90s. He is a passionate diver and diving Instructor Trainer who specializes in teaching and promoting safe technical diving. Matt has trained over 2500 divers and instructors across all levels both recreationally and technically, teaching technical diving on a full time bases since 2001 for several of the worlds leading training agencies. Mathew is able to offer training at all levels at both diver and Instructor and specializes in teaching Rebreathers and cave diving. As a keen explorer he demands top performance and reliability from his dive kit and only recommends equipment to his students and team that has been tested extensively and supersedes other products currently available.

Information on Mathew Partridge can be found on his personal webpage www.tech-ccr.com

Mat uses and recommends the xDeep sidemount and backmount wings systems as well as xDeep accessories. He also uses Ammonite System torches for both his primary and back-up source of light.


Over the last 18 years, spending most of his time underwater, Garry figured that becoming an instructor and passing on his knowledge would be time well spent, and so he did just that. Having qualifications in all of the major training agencies in OC, SCR and CCR, his intrigue into various kit and configurations led him to research the theory and practicalities into Sidemount diving for which he is globally reputed.

Finding it in his nature to push himself to his limits, clearly evident in his cave diving explorations. Presenting at primary and secondary schools, dive centres and national dive shows, he’s a director of RAID UK & Malta training agency,

an Instructor Trainer, recreational, technical and cave diving instructor, a key member of the Nautilus testing team as well as a member of the Apeks Cave Exploration Team, exploring newly discovered cenotes in the Yucatan district, Mexico as well as mines and caves in UK and Spain.

"Teaching and diving around the world, there’s not many people who have the privilege to be able to call this surreal, enticing and inspiring underwater realm their office, but I'm humbled to be part of it"

Garry uses Ammonite System primary and back up lights as well as having xDeep sidemount and backmount product in his school for teaching student with.


Ian France is a OC & CCR Technical Diving Instructor Trainer, Trimix, and Advanced Cave Diving Instructor, working throughout the world. Ian France provides OC & CCR Cave and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level through the world's premier diver training agency, IANTD

Ian uses and recommends xDeep backmount and sidemount systems for both OC and CCR rigs as well as using Ammonite System lights for his primary and backup light sources. Ian also uses various other products from across our raneg including Luxfer and Euro cylinders, our high quality stainless clips, hoses and SMBs

What really motivates Ian is the desire to pass on his experience and knowledge to students so that they too can discover the intrigue and delights of the underwater world and believes that the wrecks, caves and unexplored areas of the world are accessible to all divers with the correct training, equipment and knowledge.

He now runs open circuit technical courses both here in the UK, France, Spain, Azores, Malta, Mexico and Florida

Adam Wood - Nautilus & Ammonite Ambassador


Adam started diving in 1995 aged 12 and knew instantly he had to teach people to dive. He wanted them to experience the same thrill and emotion of the underwater the way he had.
As soon as Adam reached 18 he left the UK for Dahab, Egypt to complete his Divemaster and Instructor programs. Within 3 years he became a PADI Master Instructor having issued over 400 Certifications. Egypt was where Adam met Tom Steiner (who went on to train him as a Technical Diving Instructor in early 2000) and it was at that time Adam developed a passion for teaching with a constant strive for perfection.
Keeping himself as one of the busiest instructors in diving you can find Adam teaching almost every day in various worldwide destinations. Adam’s passion is teaching, passing on knowledge & skills in recreational, technical, sidemount and closed circuit rebreather, both at user and instructor / instructor trainer and trainer trainer level. Adam wants to constantly raise the bar of scuba diving, challenge old perceptions and philosophies to make exceptional thinking divers and dive professionals.
Adam is an Instructor Trainer at all levels on OC and CCR and teaches at all levels on following rebreathers:  JJ-CCR, AP Inspiration and Poseidon. Adam uses Ammonite System primary lights and heated packs and backup lights as well as various other Nautilus products



Wayne holds Tec qualifications from most of the major organisations, and is a dual agency Instructor for both IANTD & TecRec teaching all open circuit courses up to full Trimix, and closed circuit up to Advanced Recreational Trimix.
His main passion is wreck diving and exploration, which has allowed him to dive around the world, although he still prefers the waters around the Uk, with the waters around Scotland in particular Orkney and Shetland being his favourites, as he says they have so many unexplored wrecks to offer.
He his heavily involved with a wreck research & discovery team based in Orkney, which he devotes most of his spare tome to.
Wayne is involved in product testing for Nautilus, and uses and recommends Ammonite System primary and back up torches, X-Deep kit for sidemount and SMBs, DIRZone on his CCR, as well as Luxfer cylinders and various SS accessories. Wayne also uses the Nautilus heated vest system coupled with his Ammonite System heated battery pack and ‘ swears by it’, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Olivier van Overbeek, Diving Matrix


Oli has been diving for 18 years now, and still prefers to be in the water teaching or exploring over anything else. Having qualification and experience with most of the major training agencies, he went RAID only in 2015, and since has become an Open Circuit (OC) Recreational and Technical Instructor Trainer, and a Closed Circuit (CCR) Instructor. Oli is also part of the RAID Authoring team and primary author of the recently updated DECO 50 Course.

As test diver for Liquivision and VMS, as well as a Diving Matrix Instructor, Oli is always keen to push his diving, and has a particular attitude towards equipment quality and configuration; "it's gotta be right, not almost right".

Oli runs most RAID programmes available either in Malta, UK, or mainland Europe. Information on Olivier van Overbeek can be found here: DivingMatrix.co.uk

Oli uses and recommends xDeep backmounted systems for his Open Circuit diving and DIRZone on his Sentinel CCR, and for backup light sources only ammonite will do. He also uses various other products from across our range including Luxfer cylinders, our high quality stainless clips, hoses and SMBs